Design Ideas with Custom Window Treatments

Wood for example, brings an earthier feel to a room and light can be filtered through blinds with sleek slats. Maybe a woven fabric shade giving a nubby look where light will come through the shade in a more dappled way is the right choice for your space. If you want to control the light, you always have an option to add a lining. If you want to block the sun more directly, then a beautiful Roman shade can do the trick quickly and stylishly. Contact Gallery of Shades today for a free in-home consultation. We’ll help you select the perfect window treatment for any room in your home



Curtains and Window Treatments for a Baby Nursery

Getting ready for baby can be a fairly stressful time, but with these tips and the perfect window treatments, you’ll be ready to meet your new little one in no time at all.

At Gallery of Shades, we can help new parents (or grandparents) select appropriate, safe and beautiful window treatments for your new little one, even customizing your baby’s nursery window treatments! 


Shades on Skylight Can Cut Down on Excessive Heat

There is no doubt that skylights are a great attribute to a home, but there are times when skylight shades can be helpful coverings.

Custom skylight shades can also be made to fit nearly any type of skylight.  Skylights do come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but a match can be found or crafted to provide the solution you need for your home.

Contact Gallery of Shades today for more information or an in-home consultation for custom shades.



Consider Your Living Area Before Choosing the Perfect Window Treatments

Think about how you actually live in the room you’re designing.  Where are the reading areas?  Are there sliding glass doors?  Where does the afternoon and morning sun come in?  Remember, the room probably isn’t going to stay the same color it is now for the rest of your life, so think about matching your treatments to a color scheme that works well with a variety of colors – unless, of course, you’re going for a powerful “pop” of color that makes a statement!  Don’t let the many beautiful options for window treatments frighten you away from picking the perfect design for your home. Contact Gallery of Shades today and schedule your in-home consultation with one of our experienced designers


Draperies May be the Answer to Your Custom Window Treatment Questions

Curtains have the advantage of easily covering windows and openings of all shapes and sizes without being too expensive. If your needs include total light blocking or extra insulation, curtains and drapes are a great option with blackout varieties and heavy fabrics designed to insulate windows. Designing curtains and drapes using beautiful and stylish fabrics to fit in with any decor and floor design in your home will provide a sense of luxury and comfort. Call Gallery of Shades today for your in-home consultation


The Benefits of Custom Wood Blinds in your Scottsdale Home

There are many reasons to consider using wood blinds in your home. If you’re not the type of person that knows exactly what you want or you’re not sure what the best options are for your needs we can help by giving you the top benefits of using wood blinds.

To learn more about the beauty of wood blinds and discuss custom options for your windows call Gallery of Shades in Scottsdale, AZ.


Looking for Custom Window Treatments for Your Bedroom?

If you’re aiming for the perfect bedroom window treatments, take a peek at what we have in mind!

If you have an idea in mind for your custom bedroom window treatments, contact Gallery of Shades in Scottsdale today. A design consultant will come to your home and discuss your options with you and help you choose the best look for your room.


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