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Considering Safe Window Treatments for Baby’s Nursery

While your baby may not walk for many months, you should consider window treatments that protect her throughout her young years. For example, shutters and blinds are beautiful, but some may come with a cord that may prove to be a choking hazard to children. In some cases, these examples can be retrofitted with child-safe options. Examine the various styles with an eye not just to design and color, but for security as well. There are plenty of safe options such as cordless blinds, roller shades (not the kind you grew up with!), or even such beautiful looks like the Luminette or the Silhouette, which diffuses and softens light throughout the room – perfect for baby’s atmosphere! Call Gallery of Shades today for a free consultation 480-643-0014 https://goo.gl/P7bq8C



Curtains and Window Treatments for a Baby Nursery

Getting ready for baby can be a fairly stressful time, but with these tips and the perfect window treatments, you’ll be ready to meet your new little one in no time at all.

At Gallery of Shades, we can help new parents (or grandparents) select appropriate, safe and beautiful window treatments for your new little one, even customizing your baby’s nursery window treatments!