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Choosing Your Own Fabric for Custom Roller Shades

Gone are the days of those retro throw-away vinyl window treatments. Our custom roller shades come in a large variety of textures and materials and are a beautiful addition to any room in your home or office. Roller shades are an attractive option for a variety of reasons such as functionality, flexibility and they’re fashionable. The best part? They can be custom designed and made to fit your windows. For an in-home consultation, call Gallery of Shades today at 480-643-0014. https://goo.gl/M2VYXI





Roller Shades are a great choice

If you need to control light, roller shades are a great choice. From a sheer filter to a complete blackout, roller shades give you plenty of variety. Gallery of Shades can even install them in pairs so you have a sheer and a blackout option on the same window. Contact us today for an in-home consultation at http://goo.gl/Ooi6oc

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Roller Shades – The Perfect Touch For Even Modern Homes

Think of roller shades as plastic and ugly? Think again! Roller shades are modern, sleek, and still very functional. Roller shades are the ideal choice in a number of settings. Learn why they continue to be so popular.


Leave your memories of those old roller shades behind and take a fresh look at this versatile and attractive window covering. They could be the perfect solution to light control in your home. Contact Gallery of Shades to see the latest in roller shades.

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Why Should You Consider Roller Shades?

Roller shades are a powerful choice in many different settings. Roller shades offer a simple elegance– they fit right to the window with no unneeded fabric, and it’s easy to adjust their setting depending onyour mood and how much light you’d like for the tasks at hand. Learn how they can enhance your home now.


Contact Gallery of Shades today for more information on roller shades for your home. http://goo.gl/gf1PY4 

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