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Custom Faux Wood Blinds Offer Durability and Flexibility

Faux wood blinds are great. They are also more flexible than real wood which can often get snapped or broken, due to their synthetic construction. In addition to their flexibility, they are better where there’s more exposure to heat and humidity such as a bathroom or kitchen. Both these rooms have the potential for high humidity and/or high moisture content in the air, so faux wood blinds are a great choice. To schedule a free in-home design consultation, call Gallery of Shades today at 480-643-0014. https://goo.gl/1ytxFi 



Choosing Bamboo Window Treatments For Your Home

Why are bamboo window coverings the perfect selection for your home? Keep reading to learn more. Bamboo window treatments are ideal in many different situations. No matter what room of your home or what style you’re working to complement, these are the right choice. Contact Gallery of Shades to learn more about bamboo shades and how they can fit in your home. 


Treat Yourself with Custom Window Coverings this Year

Kitchen window coverings can add warmth and style to one of the busiest rooms in your home. Choosing the right fabric can be very important, especially if the window gets a lot of sun – which most in the Phoenix Valley do. Your kitchen window covering fabric should be one that can weather the kitchen elements, be easily cleaned, and won’t fade. With so many choices it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Let our designers help. Call Gallery of Shades today at 480-643-0014 and schedule your free consultation. https://goo.gl/P7bq8C


Coverings For French Door Don’t Have to Be Complex

French doors can look amazing in a room, but privacy can be an issue. Learn your French Door window treatment options now.Window coverings for your French doors don’t have to be complex. Contact Gallery of Shades today for a free in-home consultation, and together, we’ll come up with that perfect window treatment for your French Doors.


Large Windows Offer Sweeping Canvas When Choosing Custom Vertical Blinds

Many new construction have larger window openings, for better access to outdoor views & the ability to let more light into a room. In Arizona, that sunlight can often be very hot as well as damaging to furniture and carpets. The heat can sometimes make it tough to be in a room with large windows UNLESS you have the right custom vertical blinds to help that room block out excessive heat. It is great to be able to see outside, but there will likely also be times when you will want to close the blinds to keep the outside … out. Want more info on vertical blinds, call Gallery of Shades at 480.643.0014. https://goo.gl/dr3OmQ


Window Treatment Ideas to Show Off Your Creativity

There are many unique window coverings idea available in today’s market. Take a look at four of the most popular now. 

Unique window coverings can serve as a great centerpiece, and we can help you generate ideas for any room in your home. Contact us at Gallery of Shades in Scottsdale today to learn more or to schedule a free in-home design consultation. 


Custom Window Solutions for You in Scottsdale

Looking for custom window treatments in Scottsdale? First, you will need to look at each room in your home with an objective eye. How many windows are in each room? How much light, and heat, do you want to come through them? There is a huge variety of Scottsdale window treatments. Not only do you want to optimize and maximize the potential of each window in your home, you will want it to reflect well on the theme, tone, and colors of the rooms where they are located. At Gallery of Shades, our goal is to provide our customers with every opportunity for not only high-quality products but high-quality service as well. Contact us today at 480.643.0014 and let us help you create the ideal solution for all your window covering needs. https://goo.gl/P7bq8C