Curtains, Draperies, Blinds and Shades – Which is Best for Your Room?

Not sure what window treatments are right for your room? Draperies are usually a heavier fabric and lined. Curtains are popular in kitchens and bathrooms. Blinds are usually vertical or horizontal slats, held together by a cord, fabric tape, or a string. Shades options are plentiful and include roller shades and pleated shades. These are just brief descriptions of the wide variety of window treatments available. Need more help deciding what you need? Call Gallery of Shades at 480-643-0014 and schedule and in-home consultation.   



Duette Blinds Just Might Be the Best Window Treatments for You

Duette® blinds by Hunter Douglas have a honeycomb design and construction look great and can lower your energy costs. When you are looking to find out more about the best window blinds for your home, Gallery of Shades is ready and available to help.  Call us to schedule an in-home consultation appointment today.


Why Shutters Might Be Your Best Bet for a Bay Window

Shutters on bay window are often referred to as a “curb appeal option” by real estate agents. They look expensive, but they can be a fairly inexpensive option. Wooden shutters and tier-on-tier shutters are very popular options for bay window shutters. It can be tricky to get the right measurements for shutters but a professional knows just how to take the measurements so that the shutters will fit exactly with each window section. Contact Gallery of Shades today at 480-643-0014 to schedule a consultation. 


Window Treatments Have Gone High-Tech with Motorized Shades

Have you heard about the new Hunter Douglas PowerView® motorized shades and blinds? They can simplify your life allowing you to adjust your window treatments with the mere touch of a finger! Imagine being able to open, close & adjust your shades or blinds throughout the day or night with your phone.  This technology also gives your home another degree of energy efficiency. Have a professional design consultant provide you with a free estimate. Contact Gallery of Shades today at 480-643-0014.  


Why Bamboo is a Great Window Treatment Choice

Bamboo window treatments are becoming one of the most popular materials in today’s design styles. They’re durable, offering protection from heat & humidity as well as filtering light in your space while giving privacy at the same time. Bamboo is an ideal window coverings in many different situations. No matter which room of your home or what style you’re working to complement, these are the right choice. Contact Gallery of Shades today at 480-643-0014 to learn more now. 


Choosing Insulating Cellular Shades or Solar Shades

Both solar shades and insulating cellular shades can provide your home with a higher degree of energy efficiency, as well as saving your monetary outlay on energy costs. 

Whether keeping your home cooler in the summer or warmer in the winter, both solar shades and insulating cellular shades have advantageous qualities to consider. If you are not sure which type of shade is best for your Scottsdale home, contact Gallery of Shades for a free in-home consultation today. 


Finding the Right Window Treatment for French Doors

French doors offer a beautiful option to a room. They can bring in a lot of natural light but they can bring with some challenges when deciding on the right door covering. Whether you choose blinds, curtains or shutters there’s a multitude of patterns and fabrics to best suit your decor. Contact Gallery of Shades today at 480-643-0014 for a free in-home consultation, and together, we’ll come up with that perfect French Door window treatment.  


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