Wooden Plantation Shutters Add Beauty and Value to Your Home

Plantation shutters may be a big investment, but they can mean even bigger things for the resale value of your home. Find out how now.

Statistically speaking, you’re going to move in your lifetime. Stylish window shutters can help attract buyers to your current home far faster, giving you just what you need to make that move. Contact Gallery of Shades today to learn more about our plantation shutters and to schedule a in-home design consultation.



When You Need a Contemporary Solution to Cover Large Windows

Traditional vertical blinds do not always work well for extra large windows. When you have a window that is 10’ tall or over, you need to think outside the box and to find a solution that will work to not only allow you to close the light out when you want, but to let it in as well. That’s where Skyline Panel Track Blinds come into play. These contemporary blinds are ideal because you can get them exactly the right size on the first try. Simply measure your window and look at the size of the panels and you’ll be able to figure out how many panels you’ll need to get the look you want. Make sure you account for a bit of overlapping if you truly want the blinds to darken the room fully. Need assistance? Call the design experts at Gallery of Shades today for a free consultation. 480-643-0014. https://goo.gl/5CQ3BA 


Cleaning Different Types of Natural Wood Shades

There are a number of different types of natural wood shades . When it coming to cleaning natural shades, dusting them is just as easy as any other type of blind or shade. A duster that goes between the slats will make things much easier and will enable you to get rid of the dust without having to go through every single slat. If you have grass weave shades you may need to use the soft brush attachment that comes with most vacuums. This should get rid of the dust in a delicate way. If you are thinking about these shades for your home, call Gallery of Shades today 480-643-0014https://goo.gl/9q7zYI 


Patio Shades Make Outdoor Space Usable All Year Long

Outdoor shades, or patio shades, are a great idea for someone who is looking to make use of their home the entire year. As you know, most of the time, patios are often too hot to use during the middle of the day in Arizona, but with outdoor patio shades you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the scenery while also staying cool. Shades can help with temperature regulation, but can also help to block the harmful UV rays.For more information and to schedule a free consultation, call Gallery of Shades today at 480-643-0014. https://goo.gl/nNsgBk 


Silhouette Motorized PowerView® Remote Control Shades

Silhouette shades filter light softly, while the ingenious technology of PowerView® strives to make life easier

It is amazing how smart home devices can interact together to help your home stay comfortable and your energy costs stay down, effortlessly and efficiently.

Remote control shades have many benefits to offer.  Check out all the ways they can make your life easier and better.  Contact Gallery of Shades today


Decorating Large Windows with Skyline Panel Track Blinds

Wondering how to deal with those large windows when traditional vertical blinds just won’t work? This post can help.

When you want to add light you can simply pull the panels back and let in the amount of light you’d like! If you have large windows, panel blinds may definitely be the right way to go for your home.

Contact Gallery of Shades today to learn more about Skyline Panel Track Blinds or any of our window treatment options.


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