The Many Benefits of Wood Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters could be the perfect touch in your home. Take a closer look at the benefits.

Wood plantation window shutters have a sturdy, solid look that never fails to impress. They always lend an air of class and make the aesthetic of a room feel considered. Their look also achieves a texture that other window treatments just don’t achieve. Their repeated horizontal lines are pleasing to look at. Not only this, but they help encourage a guest’s eye across a room. They’re particularly beautiful in conjunction with tile, wood, and luxury vinyl floors, where this texture can help bring out the stately look these floors can achieve.



Which Blinds are the Best Blinds for Your Home Decor?

Both vertical and horizontal blinds can be the perfect addition to your home, but both have a time and place. Take a closer look at what to use in your home.

What are the best blinds for your home? It turns out the difference between vertical and horizontal blinds and the best blinds for home depends on where they’re being used. Many homes employ both in different spaces according to need, and this is always the best approach. Contact Gallery of Shades to schedule a free in-home design consultation today. 


Skylights Add Energy Saving Benefits to Your Home Decor

Skylights can let heat in, reducing the efficiency of your air conditioning. May not have realized but energy saving window coverings are important for skylights. These are facing the sun for long periods of time and can sap away a lot of cool air. An added benefit is prolonging the lifetime of your floors. Floors that get a ton of sun will see particular spots fade very quickly – especially wood and carpet. To find out more about skylight window treatments, call Gallery of Shades today and schedule an appointment with one of our professional design consultants. 480-643-0014 


*Curtains for Your Backyard Space Add Drama*

Got a patio or deck around your Arizona home? Hanging curtains around a patio or deck has become a popular thing to do because they offer excellent shade and they stand out as an aesthetically pleasing feature. Bringing the indoors out can make a space feel comfortable. Want to learn more about patio and outdoor curtains & shades, contact our design experts at Gallery of Shades and we’ll help you find the perfect fabric for a beautiful, outdoor, living space. Call 480-643-0014 today.  


Designing Custom Curtains for a Child’s Room Can Be a Fun, Family Project

It can be a great bonding experience to choose design elements for your kids room with them. Maybe someone wants to be an astronaut, a paleontologist or loves a particular sport. Choosing a room theme and design elements helps kids feel invested in their space, which can encourage them to be more responsible for it and maybe even keep it tidier. The design experts at Gallery of Shades can get you started with fashionable ideas to choose from. Call us today at 480-643-0014 to schedule an appointment and get started on making their dream room come true. 


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