Redecorate Your Home Decor With Elements of Texture

A different type of fabric throw can contrast with the texture of the seating in a room in order to provide interest and tactile experience. Window treatments can provide the same feeling. Take, for example, the way a bamboo shade instantly adds a touch of exoticism to a room, particularly with cool walls or a tile floor. A grass weave shade may evoke memories of a fabulous beach trip or a reed shade may complement a design aesthetic made up of foreign travel and one of a kind finds. And don’t forget, a patio shade adds texture to the “rooms” you have outside! To get started call Gallery of Shades today at 480-643-0014.


Cordless Cellular Shades Offer Safety and More for Kids’s Rooms

Cordless cellular shades are the perfect choice for any room in your home, particularly the kids’ rooms. Take a look at why these are such an amazing choice.

If the look and safety features of cordless shades aren’t enough then consider the energy efficient nature of our shades. Contact Gallery of Shades to schedule a consultation today.


Which Types of Home Decor Calls for a Valance?

Typically, a valance can be used to complete a formal feel in a specific room, such as a formal living room or a master bedroom (though not all valances feel formal!). In some situations, the homeowner may want to disguise the curtain rod, in a bathroom for example. Bathrooms tend to be smaller spaces where one might want to incorporate a “little touch” of decor. Still, other window treatments just simply feel a little incomplete without a valance. For example, half-shutters, a very popular lower window treatment looks a bit naked on top. But a valance balances out the treatment, drawing the eye to the whole window, and completing the design. To find out more, call Gallery of Shades today at 480-643-0014 for a free consultation.


Soft Window Coverings Have Many Advantages For Your Home

Soft window treatments may provide the touch of elegance you’re looking for. Take an inventory of your home’s windows to determine which type of window treatment would be best-suited to each room.

Whatever window coverings you desire for your home, let us provide you with information so you can make the most informed choices possible.  We understand window coverings are extremely important to your home’s decor.  It is our passion.  Give us a call today and let’s talk about a consultation.


Considering Safe Window Treatments for Baby’s Nursery

While your baby may not walk for many months, you should consider window treatments that protect her throughout her young years. For example, shutters and blinds are beautiful, but some may come with a cord that may prove to be a choking hazard to children. In some cases, these examples can be retrofitted with child-safe options. Examine the various styles with an eye not just to design and color, but for security as well. There are plenty of safe options such as cordless blinds, roller shades (not the kind you grew up with!), or even such beautiful looks like the Luminette or the Silhouette, which diffuses and softens light throughout the room – perfect for baby’s atmosphere! Call Gallery of Shades today for a free consultation 480-643-0014


Get a Fresh Look With Vignette Modern Roman Shades

If you are looking to create an aesthetic appeal for your home that is unique and unlike any other, turn to Vignette Modern Roman Shades. They can provide appeal to any décor in your home, thanks to a wide-ranging choice of materials and colors.

Call us today at 480-643-0014 to learn more about these cordless window shades.


Considering Installing Patio Shades?

Did you plan on ordering patio shades this spring but got distracted by 100 other things to do? It happens. The blazing hot summer sun has a firm grasp on the Valley and can make enjoying your outdoor spaces more difficult during the day. No one really wants to have to wait until evening just to go outside and enjoy the day. Fortunately, patio shades can help you enjoy your beautiful outdoor space and give you some respite from the hot Arizona sun! Call Gallery of Shades today at 480-643-0014 and schedule your free consultation.


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