Curtain Rods Make a Difference When Hanging Custom Curtain Panels

Before you can hang curtains, you need to choose a rod first. Make sure the rod is wide enough. The rod should have room beyond the width of the window. This also helps leave some material at the edge to block light coming around the curtain.  Custom curtain panels can come with options that allow you to hide the rod itself. You can show the rod if it’s a stylistic choice and it serves an aesthetic purpose. You have many options! Looking for some assistance with your custom curtains? Contact the design experts at Gallery of Shades for a free consultation. 480-643-0014. 



Custom Roman Shades Define a Room with Their Beautiful Color

You can make a bold statement with Roman shades. Roman shades can offer you choices in bolder or deeper colors. This is one of the greatest advantages of Roman shades for the home – they allow broader choices of color with great style. Bring a Gallery of Shades design professional a free in home consultation. Call 480-643-0014 today.  


Choices are Available When Choosing Bay Window Coverings

Silk panels are classic window treatments that never go out of style. When used for bay windows, they can help accentuate the space the windows create. They’re also great for framing the light and the view outside the windows. While valances are excellent if you’re looking for a clean line because they follow the shape of the window and bring out the form of bay windows. Roman shades and wood blinds might be a good choice if you want to have more control with the amount of light coming into a room. If you are not sure what to choose for your bay windows, call in the design professionals from Gallery of Shades at 480-643-0014.


Maximize Shade and Block Light with Motorized Shades

The Hunter Douglas PowerView honeycomb shades have so much to offer! You can preset different factors on your phone. This can help prolong the lifespan of furniture and floors by blocking the direct sunlight, but still allows the indirect light that makes a room feel bright and comfortable. By blocking out light in this specific a way, you can also reduce energy bills. The shades can also darken as you drift off to sleep, gently turning the outside light down over time.  The sun’s worst can be blocked from your home throughout the day, increasing the efficiency of air conditioning by protecting your interior from absorbing the sun’s warm rays. Call the Gallery of Shades design professionals today at 480.643.0014


Outdoor Shades Are a Must to Protect You from UV Rays

The hot sun in Arizona can be brutal at times, but patio shades can help. Now is a great time to explore how they can enhance your outdoor living space now. 

Before you deem your patio to be too hot during the hot summer months, check with Gallery of Shades. We have a variety of the best outdoor patio shades or blinds for patio use that will fit your budget and your lifestyle.


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